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Digital Legacy Cabinet

Who Are We

Digital Legacy Cabinet网站与Flickr、Instagram、Facebook和微信等流行社交媒体合作,为用户提供管理和继承数字遗产服务。这项服务使用户能够将他们在社交媒体上的发布的照片和帖子遗赠给选定的继承人,比如家人或朋友。

在Digital Legacy Cabinet网站,您将拥有一个私人虚拟密室来管理您的数字遗产。您的继承人也将在这里进行继承仪式。

Digital Legacy Cabinet is working together with popular platforms like Flickr, Instagram, Facebook, and WeChat to offer a unique service to its users. This service enables users to pass on their photos, information, and posts on these platforms with their chosen inheritors, such as family members or friends.


With Digital Legacy Cabinet, you can create a private online space to manage your digital legacy. Your inheritors will go through the inheritance process here as well, but they will only be able to access the part that belongs to them. 

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