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  • 不同形式的葬礼均会在一个三维环境的页面中展示和呈现。

  • All forms of funeral ceremonies will be displayed and presented in a 3D domain.

  • 目前我们只提供几种常见的葬礼形式。 (随着平台的发展, 将通过收集用户反馈的方式对所提供形式的范围加以扩展。)

  • There are only a few of the most common forms of funeral rituals that we can offer at the moment. (Which I will work on expanding as the platform develops, as well as gathering users feedback. ) 

  • 如果你所想的超出了任何现有的仪式规程,​请选择个性化+ 的订阅方案,从而更好的实现你的愿望。

  • Choose the personalized+ subscription Plan if you are hopping on something that is beyond any existing procedural etiquettes, thus fulfill your wishes.

Here are samples of forms that we currently provide

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