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What is AHEADEND?  

Aheadend 是一个提供自主预约、高度客制化的线上葬礼以及其他虚拟殡仪服务的平台。
AHEADEND is a platform that provides highly customizable, self arranging virtual funerals and other funeral services.
Aheadend 致力于让用户不再担心无人为自己料理后事或无人发出讣告导致朋友对自己的死亡一无所知。
AHEADEND strives for users to no longer having to worry about other's ignorance of their deaths.  
Aheadend 提供高度个性化服务,致力于超越局限的标化葬礼模式。在这里,所有的想法与可能性都被接受。
AHEADEND aims to surpass the circumscribed generic funeral forms. This is a platform that provides highly personalized services where all ideas and possibilities are acceptable.   
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